Chemical-resistant Telescopic Spray Lance Customization

One of our customers has been in cleaning chemicals for decades. They produce chemicals to remove mold, algae, lichen and fungi etc. on ceiling/roof, façade, ground surfaces, attics etc. wet spaces both indoor and outdoor, as a service, they provide their customers manual compression sprayers to spray their cleaning chemicals. In the part 7-8years, we provide them telescopic spray lance with fiberglass lance inside and outer with metal, but after a time of use, more and more customers complain about the metal corrosion because of benzalkonium and chloride included in the chemicals. Thus customer want to replace this metal outer lance with another material, like plastic or fiberglass.


In the beginning, we tried to use plastic lance, but we immediately found that the plastic material is too soft to stand the water pressure and bent easily, we change to use fiberglass instead. We have very good resources in fiberglass lance lances, 4-5days after we iron down to use fiberglass, we got several fiberglass lance with different thickness, finally we choose the correct one to make sample trial and result is positive. New outer diameter needs different connect thread, we now use brass as connectors temporarily, once the fiberglass lance are approved by customer, then we can make moulds for these plastic connectors.


Today we shipped this telescopic sprayer lance which withstand chemicals to customers by express. We will be waiting for customer’s feedback on chemicals test and then keep improving it, polish it in mass production.


Thanks customer’s patience with us!


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