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Water-driven Fertilizer Injector

Item No.: OP001 Ratio: 0.4-4% (1:250-1:25) Flux: 25-2500L/H

Water-Powered Dosing Pump

Item No.: OP002 Ratio: 0.2-2% (1:500-1:50) Flux: 12-2500L/H

Water Powered Proportional Dosing Pump

Item No.: OP003 Ratio: 0.2-2% (1:500-1:50) Flux: 10-2500L/H Connector Size: 3/4” NPT

Water-Driven Chemical Injector

Item No.: OP004 Ratio: 1-10% (1:10-1:100) Flux: 25-2500L/H Connector Size: 3/4” NPT

Water-driven Chemical Proportional Injector

Item No.: OP005 Water Powered Proportional Dosing Pump with 3/4” Connector No Gas! No Electricity! No Power! Just connect it to the water source pipe, it can work under water pressure, suitable for industry use etc.   Widely used in different field with different description: die casting mixer, automatic mixer, release agent mixer, cutting fluid mixer, release agent automatic mixer, self-die casting mixer, cutting fluid mixer, automatic mixer Proportioning Machine (Automatic Proportioning Machine, Automatic Mixing Machine, Central Mixing Machine, Central Proportioning Machine, Die Casting Mixing Machine, Hydraulic Proportional Adding Pump, Proportional Mixing Pump, Proportional Feeding Pump, Proportional Feeding Pump, Proportional Feeding Machine, Automatic Proportioning Machine, Die Casting Separator Mixer, Metal Cutting Fluid Automatic Proportioning Pump, Hydraulic Proportional Feeding Pump, Proportional Automatic doser, animal husbandry doser, hydraulic ratio pump, solution proportion pump, hydraulic fertilizer pump (also known as hydrodynamic fertilizer injector, proportional fertilizer injector proportional liquid injector, constant ratio diluent, fertilizer mixer, poultry feeding hydraulic reciprocating plunger pump, etc.)

Water-Powered Chemical Dosing Pump

Item No.: OP006 Ratio: 1-5% (1:50-1:20) Flux: 25-2500L/H Connector Size: 3/4” NPT