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iLOT Electric Hand Sprayer for Home and Garden Use

Electric Hand Sprayer with build-in Li-on battery

iLOT Foldable Trigger Sprayer Bottle

foldable trigger sprayer bottle; sprayer bottle

iLOT Strap with Back Cushion for Knapsack Sprayers, Fire Extinguishers, Spray Parts

We have a full range of strap with back cushion for knapsack sprayers, fire extinguishers etc. Most are customized as

Swivel Brass Hose Mender Connectors for Agricultural Sprayer Hose or Garden Hose Repairing

Item No.: PC0001 Size: 5-6mm; 7.5-8mm; 8.5mm; 10mm; 13mm; 15.5mm; 19mm; 21mm; 26mm;

Electric Plunger Pump for Agriculture

Plunger No.: E0025 DIA Stroke: 1x18x8mm Pressure: 0-30kg/cm2 Suction Volume: 6-8L/min Motor: 1.1 KW Weight: 11.5kgs Dimension: 37x36.5x30.5cm Hose Length: 3.5m 220V

Sprayer Filter / Strainer

Item No.: PSF0001 Inox Size: 50#, 80#, 100# Material: Inox or Plastic

Flit-style Handheld Powder Sprayer

Item No.: MO0006 Material: PP+PE Tank Capacity: 350ml

Y-Shape High Pressure Sprayer Nozzle

Item No.: Sprayer Disc Available: D-3 (Single Hole & Double Hole), K-5 (Single Hole & Double Hole), D-35 etc.

iLOT Hose End Sprayer for Concentrated Chemicals Packing

iLOT Hose End Sprayer for Concentrated Chemicals Packing area, like in liquid fertilizer, plant food, pesticide and odor removal etc.

Hose End Foam Sprayer with 3/4″ Threaded End

Liquid Insecticide Sprayer with 38.5OZ Bottle   Product Details liquid insecticide sprayer mixes 1 to 20-gallons of insecticide. hose end.